Monday, January 11, 2010

jQuery feature

Query provides many general function to build a rich pages. jQuery feature:
  • Ajax
    jQuery is one of the ajax framework that used mostly by many web master.
  • Shortcut access to DOM
    instead of using bulk of code in accessing DOM, jQuery have the shortcut.
  • Manipulating the element content
    With jQuery, we can freely insert, update and delete every HTML element.
  • Easy event handling
    Event handling is no fear again in web pages, jQuery make the process simple.
  • Animation
    by default, jQuery already have ability to perform general animation on the pages.
  • Action Chaining
    Instead of using many temporary variable and repetition lines, we can easily unite several lines of code that have same characteristic to a line code with chaining.
  • CSS Compliance
    The jQuery selector is CSS Compliance, that make any designer that already have knowledge about CSS is able to learn jQuery easily.
  • Cross browser
    using jQuery, no more hack for IE… the framework has done it automatically.


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